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PS3 Freezing Often. What Should I Do to Stop My PS3 From Freezing?

January 13, 2016
I use microfiber.

Alternately, you'll always be in the position to send the ball player to always be able to Sony with regard to repair. Getting repaired my very own PS3 before, I decided to check along with check if I could fix my friend's machine too.

3) check the general game disc and help to make sure there are no smudges. When there are, clean them Windex or eyeglass cleaner plus a soft cloth. This could cost concerning $150 and also will take 4-6 weeks.

How for you to Keep The PS3 Coming From Freezing

Make it easier for the machine to run game discs and start up. Tend To Be any of which loose? In the event that so, then unplug these people as well as plug back in. It will increase your risk for PS3 start-up a great deal faster.

Since the majority of freezing problems upon PS3 machines tend to be brought on by heat, it is practical to chill the device right down to stop your freezes.

Next Actions If Cooling Down Doesn't Work

Here are the handful of next steps you are usually in the position to decide to try figure out the actual problem:

5) check your current cables. This is really a simple guide using detailed videos along with manuals for beginners. Sometimes leaving it well regarding 24 hours will fix the actual problem.

What to always be able to Attempt next in order to Unfreeze your PS3

If none of these steps work, there might be considered a difficulty using the tough drive, Blue Ray drive, or perhaps software.

1) Maintain your PS3 in the cool location just like the ground. Here certainly are usually a number of helpful tips:

2) Restart the actual machine. turn on the fan, nevertheless avoid the use of virtually any wet towels.. put your own demos, music, along with videos in a folder. One-on-one assistance can be available.

Here is the particular place I figured out why the equipment had been freezing and also how to fix the particular problem.

4) Attempt yet another game and discover out what happens. When youve done this, plug them just about all again in.

A great repair manual could help. This may stop your freezing problems. In case it doesnt freeze throughout one other game, then it could potentially be the disk itself.

Help To Make sure that you have no much less than 50% of the hard drive area free.

Though this isnt related to the notorious yellow/red mild problem (though in the few cases, it might be), we're able to nevertheless repair it.

Last night, my pal has been playing the brand new Final Fantasy XIII game when his PS3 froze. When this doesn't work, unplug almost all cables except the power cord. If not, try the particular following steps.

6) Give your current PS3 any break. I suggest using PS3 Lights Fix by Rob Sheffield

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